​Transgenders: a life without identity.

I was reading about section 377 of IPC. While I was searching about this,I was stopped by a link saying:  Shabnam Mausi: india’s first transgenders MLA. Shabnam mausi was MLA from sohagpur seat of madhya pradesh, my own state. Then suddenly I read another link saying Kamla Mausi:  india’s  first transgenders mayor of Katni , a district of madhya pradesh ,that is neighbouring to my very own district. These informations were very inspiring and they encouraged me to read more and more about transgenders. I ended up watching 4-5 eye opening documentaries about their lives, one movie by Ashutosh Rana on Shabnam mausi itself, many news clippings and interviews and also how internationally their condition is.
I started to feel very bad. How can such a big section of our society continues to be without face and identity? Society discards them but they need society. In one of the clip I saw a transgenders saying in an interview that health and medical treatment is their one of the biggest problem. No hospital and no doctors treats them as humans . thus they gradually have stopped going to doctors and hospitals, mostly they cure their ailments themselves if they could , else they die a painful and silent death. It really shook me.

I have often seen them begging on traffic lights and on train coaches. It is very annoying for passengers and passers by. They are treated inhumanly for their this act. But today I am feeling as to what else can they do? It is us who has made them to do this . had this society ever accepted them,allowed them education and a respectfull identity ,they could also have got jobs and won’t be at others mercy. But now, they are not good enough to fit in any job, they lack education and skills for it. Even if some of them have it,  who will give them job?? Their sexual exploitation is very rampant. If they have to live ,they need to do something and this drives them to begging or towards prostitution.

We need to understand one thing.  Nobody chooses to be transgenders just to get rejected by family,friends and whole society. It takes lots of courage to live the real identity. They are only brave enough to accept themselves the way they are and still remain present in this highly unjust society.

I want to mention one Web series I watched on YouTube,  “All about sec 377”,where they have shown the mental war of a transgender  person, 24×7 he faces judgements of every other person he comes across with. He is confidant about his identity,he has accepted himself the way he is, but recurring denials of society make him to question himself, at last :- “ why I am like this? Why I am not normal?” this brought tears to my eyes, because there is nothing abnormal about him.

Why should they be called abnormals?  Just because two-gender fallacy of this dominant society cannot understand them,cannot feel comfortable with them, because government t never took pain to write some rules for their identity ever. We as a society are shrinking their space to live and breath. It is not their fault but our ignorance , false pride and cowardness that is making their lives terrible. As a society if we cannot help them,let us not try to judge them,comment them and categories them as unwanted. For human beings ,gender should not be their real identity, it should be their deeds . Let us accept this.

Champaran: why not in 2017?

I never get a feeling of connection when I see any present day politician. What they stand for and what they practice is totally different. 1917, hundred years ago, there was an event that took place at champaran, bihar to solve the plight of starving farmers. Farmers over there were forced to grow indigo on their lands while starving themselves of food. Indigo was a cash crop but sadly the farmers were cashless. This shows the level of atrocity done by British planters on farmers. On the request of a local person Rajkumar Shukla, Gandhiji took the call and reached champaran. While listening to the plight of farmers he noticed three women, who were wearing same sari on alternate days. He was so deeply touched, that the poverty is so badly hitting them, that three persons are sharing the same piece of cloth to cover themselves. And then he took the pledge to wear clothes only to cover bare minimum and that too handspun. This shows the quality of a true mass leader. 

After seeing the skeleton like bodies of starving farmers, he started a life of minimality to the level that he himself was converted to a skeleton. Anyone who looked at gandhi post champaran could easily say that he truly represented his poor masses. He adopted satyagraha as a method for freedom struggle because he knew that true freedom comes from moral strength and not merely by physical strength .

100 years from then,today I cannot see even an inch of gandhi in any of the leader . India couldn’t give gandhi a rebirth. Sometimes in Mandela of south Africa,  Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar and mujib ur rahman of bangladesh ,I see glimpses of gandhi, but a  Mahatma Gandhi was never reborn.

Leaders of today,those who represents dalits of india,live like kings and Queens,  those who represent common man are not at all a common man. Gandhi knew what it takes to look like a common man,how difficult is the life of a poor farmer,but there is no such brave soul today who can live the life of masses they represent.

Leader should come from masses. Leader has to be the most deprived if the mass he leads is deprived. Nowhere in today’s india I can see such a figure.

I see the 100 years in a single frame,from 1917 to 2017 , when I see the poor, nude,deprived,sad and malnutrished farmer of this day and that day. It’s the same even today as it used to be back then. No  matter whether it is the British planter over him or any indian tycoon . He remains to be cashless in the season of cash crops . But to listen them today, sadly, no rajkumar shukla is there and obviously NO GANDHI.

Modern School system of education : are not we fooling ourselves??

We have schools, where we need to follow a set of rules before we call ourselves it’s student.Rules are like wearing uniforms,being puntual for classes, being disciplined and the list goes on. They make us civilized , well behaved and to say the least a gentleman (sorry ladies). Seems like there is no fault in it,it is so damn perfect a system, that if we fail ,we never question the school system but question ourselves,or our family, or may be our own karma (bhagya me sarswati nahi hogi iske). 

Why do we believe in this school system so blindly? Reason may be it is what the whole world does, so it is supposed to be the right thing. Or because it is working since decades , it is now the only right way we are left with.

But let me say,there are chances that the whole world may be fooling itself. Why not? See, they waste water knowing that it is scarce, but they do it. They pollute atmosphere, they perpetrate hate,create violence,wage wars,make missiles,exploit other humans,knowing that this all is wrong, the whole world does this.Isn’t it?

So we can say yes, the whole world may be wrong with this school system of education also.

Second defense of it’s being decades old system, can similarly be uprooted.So ,what then is the right thing? If we do away with this school system, what will we do next ? 

Let me put it like this,shools are essential for realizing the importance of education but if schools get the copyright of education,define education with the stamp-decorated marksheets, it’s a damned system to go for then.

What am i suggesting here then? Well, let us look at the past, the pre Macaulay report india or little more back from those times.There was a freedom of choice, choice  to go school or not,to get an education of music,to learn books, dance ,archery ,swimming and anything for that matter.No one  was called uneducated just because he or she does not know how to read books. (C’mon this is a flawed idea of education).

Education is an independence of being creative in whatever field that may suit a person’s interest  not a circus style driven modern School system. It is not justified to call only a school goer educated or employ only those who have degrees. What i want to say is that skills can be imparted but not education.

Education comes from genuine interest and freedom of choice.

See it like this.Today out of 1.21 billion indians,72% we say are literate,because they can read,write or understand at least one language. Excuse me!!! Language?? Are we not fooling ourselves? Language cannot be our parameter to gauge education level.It cannot be,creative genius and skills are the real parameters.

India has 85 crore gods, you know why?  Because before the Islam or Christianity came to this piece of land ,people had the liberty to be creative enough to not only choose their jobs but also their gods . Everyone’s religion was their way of life and not a word to tag them as hindu or Muslim or Christian.  So was the case with education, this is what I mean by creative liberty that we enjoyed back then.

To conclude I want to repeat that we need to change our scales,at least with this school system of education.If nothing else,it has been killing the creative genius hidden in this land since its inception. Everyone should be allowed to follow their own model of education. Tell me , how can a 10-20 chapter book define what someone’s qualification are? No,it certainly cannot. And if it does, well then we are all educated fools here.

Insecure demon…..bengaluru

India is known for a culture that assimilates all other cultures in it and changes for better. Be it Greek, Persian, British or Islamic, cultural mix up has always been a signature of indian soil. And we got westernised also,but what is wrong here in this? Are we unprepared to evolve? Is the imported culture half baked? Or is it the very soul of us that has got rotten!!

What new year has gone through has got the term “mass molestation” in Indian IT city Bengaluru.Really,is this the dictionary we are going to create. Seems like only women are modern or only they have got westernised and moving with time. As far as male majority is concerned,  they seem to be left behind on days of manusmriti(sickening).

West has definitely made indian women strong. But at the same time has it made indian men an insecure demon??period.  They molest ,they grope,they indignify and then they label their acts as a culture preservation sting. They blame western culture for their this insecurity and lecherousness.

Why india is becoming so unfare to its half of the population. You count them ,they are equal in numbers ( damn to the sex ratio thing though) but as you go out and see in offices,in factories,in workshops,in the higher echelons of society,they are anemically few,very few over there, like a societal dodo. Are we really waiting to loose them? Is the whole game is just about it!

Well a man need to understand that there cannot be an absolute man or an absolute women,for all we are a balanced mix of both masculine and feminine energies. Any slight imbalance will make us no less then a demon. The inner bell need to ring now.

Lesson of 15 Days…


A fresh start was awaiting and finally I entered into this new world, where I need to give my best. Indian Railways, the proud organization of Government of India, and now I am a part of it. When I was at BARC, I always felt precise, accurate and extended but here at Indian Railways, my mind is shaping itself as parallel lines without bends. I mean I feel this place as a good fit where adjustments are not a big problem. Well, aspirations that I carry are raising high, I dream even big now, I feel happier and more and more ambitious as every day passes.

When you work hard and achieve something you always get carried away by a feeling of tiredness, you feel as if it was your best that you can do and now it is time to enjoy life, now you don’t need to bother much about failing or passing, coming first or last and so on. But in contrast to this I felt nothing like this. From the very first day I entered here, I was always ready   for doing new things , learning more and more, and going well beyond my boundaries. I didn’t get a feeling of rest.  Now I feel as if i am a vital part of society and being a vital part, I am supposed to do more than others, and this takes away the feeling of taking pauses to enjoy life.Although sometime I too feel like giving up and alienated from surroundings. But at the same time I get fuel of my dreams and aspirations that pulls me back on line.

Life is very unique thing, you run to win, but after winning you continue to run because you cannot sit and stop , as you have tasted the outcome of running, you feel like being on track, fully armed and capable and then it gets inside your DNA. Then a time comes when you run just for the sake of being alive and dynamic, and that can be said a stage of excellence.  You start to understand this definition, like you have been hardwired for this long ago and now only you have realized it.

I think what I learned from the very moment I came here is the “Habit of Being Active”. Now I have geared up my body clock to be active 24*7. It is like a start of paying back to the source as a mark of reverence.  I need to look calmly to everything present around me.  Where at all I am sailing and diving down. My energy is pushing me to go and fly. This was very much needed, I am excited to do  all the things I can do or I am expected to perform.

Success gives you positivity, this helps you to rise and shine, but at the same time success makes you arrogant, this arrogance can steal your chimera from you.

Always remember, you are not  the first on earth or not going to be the last who has achieved success, then why to be arrogant? This all is like a sharing of work, we all are expected to perform certain duties and these are bestowed on us by one or other way, that’s all this life is about.

Apart from all the things, what relaxes me here at IRISET  is the fast pace of life and the need to steal minutes from hours. As a beginner in this field, everywhere I can see bundles of energy and scope of doing best. I think we need not to bother about the system, because this system cannot be changed overnight, so better is to tune yourself for anything  good or bad. Every time just try to deliver your 100%.

Life is all about giving 100%. No more no less. Always  keep on fighting, this makes you strong both from inside and outside. I know this feeling because I have fought a lot in my life and will keep on fighting. I can ensure everyone that this gives happiness.  A smile that comes after pain is worth of millions. Bear pain to wear that smile, be tough for enjoying that happiness.

 Always be ready.Play with minutes to secure your hours.  

No one can demotivate me; because inspiration is in my blood


Pill to kill demotivation

When I don’t feel it in me, I go down in slacks of mind and heart, my chords detune themselves to the violin of heart and I beg it for a connection? When I feel lost, demotivated, dethroned, disrespected, I never loom in doldrums of emotions. What I do to come out of it, is to feel the blood flowing in my veins, that my heart pumps it irrespective of my control and demand, that my veins carry the spirit of life with them day and night. I feel it running, moving, faster always and then I feel alive. Just in a moment I feel alive, that my veins are filled with life, with reason to live, with greater motivation to move ahead and encouraging me to give my best. My heart is beating, no matter how bad I feel, it doesn’t know the rule of hold-and-rest. When I fail, I stop and think, continuously I think about the reason,why it happened with me? It could have been postponed, things could have been changed or corrected etc. but at those moments also I noticed that my heart was pumping blood tirelessly. Now I feel, it is signalling me to understand the importance of continuity in life. My heart tells me that it keeps beating, no matter it is day or night, it keeps on purifying the blood, to filter out the negatives quickly and make it motivational fluid of body again. It tells me to realize this fact about itself. And what I inferred is this; in my veins I have all the inspiration I need, to go ahead. My blood is a powerful and positive source of energy, I can resume my pace if I can realize the motion in my veins and speed of my heart. I don’t need to bother about what the outer environment around me is like, because my inner environment is so full of positive energy that it can overshadow the darkness of outer world.

As long as I know what my dream is, I don’t need to give a damn to what around me is intimidating and belittling. I have only one task, that is to go on the roads of wilderness, where I can live with my ideas and dreams, where I can break my back till i reach on the verge of death and then I will come out of it with success, that day, this fake world will be welcoming me, will caress me with affection; yes I will be back with wings of success and crown of victory.

A tale in Hindu mythology says about sage Valmiki that he forgot about everything when he chanted name of lord RAMA as MARA(reverse) but this is how after continuously repeating this name for 10000 years in a row, even without sleeping and eating, he got enlightenment. That sage, once, was known as a violent dacoit of that area and now he is an enlightened saint andcreator of all-time great epic THE RAMAYANA. This shows what determination and focus can bring out of us, how we transcend towards a better version of ours. Remember,

First thing we need is hard-work, second thing we need is focussed and continuous hard-work and last thing we need is smart hard-work.

Greatness, you need to create, like an ant, slowly and with patience, when nobody notices you what you are busy with, when you are cared least, remember always; this will be the time when you will be reshaping your life, redefining your personality and making a dent in universe.

IES PREPARATION : General studies and English part


Next in line of my posts for IES preparation is this one, for objective paper 1: General Ability Test.

This post is written in two parts; first part is for English and second is for GS.  Paper is of 200 marks with100 marks for each section.

First of everything is the ritual of reading all previous papers of GAT, internalize with the pattern of questions, and weightage of sections of syllabus. Let’s talk about first portion first.

Precondition: don’t babble over your being Hindi or English medium student. I was a typical Hindi medium student and I know it hardly matters at this level. C’mon you have passed engineering and a gonna be officer.

English:  English is a funny language, who said?  Not at least for us. May be yes.  Let’s dissect the paper in points:-

  • English portion needs more fun and less tension. It is something you will enjoy doing and will be helpful throughout your life, so decide to do it very well.
  • Antonyms/synonyms are first things in paper, for this you need to make your vocab rich from the moment you read this post. Buy barons for GRE, google for 3000 high frequency word list.
  • Take a print out of it and focus on those with bold squares, they are more frequent.
  • To remember words, I already had mentioned the idea of ‘ridiculous thinking.’ Make pun, associate any funny meaning with this, add any prefix/suffix to it, just to remember its meaning. At first it will take time but slowly and with time, you will be ready with a great word list and it is forever with you. Tried and tested method.
  • Restructuring of passage: It can be tackled by reading the lines repetitively and applying little common sense. Easy portion, we all can handle.
  • Spotting errors/selection of right word: For this portion you can read TIME material/baron/Norman Lewis. But if you want to know what is best way to do, then please read editorial of The Hindu daily. This part can be handled very well if you do this + it will help in GS also.
  • READING COMPREHENSION: Again, read editorial part and solve all previous IES/CDS/CSAT papers if you get time to, else solve only IES papers for GAT.
  • English portion is mostly scoring and easy part, if you give a minimum of half an hour daily you can get a solid grip in this. Never leave this part for last month and also don’t give it too much time.
  • I always kept a page with me every time, with some spellings in it, and it helped me like anything. In GAT 2013 paper I was able to solve all antonym/synonym questions and I know this was possible because of this small step I took, that is to have a small page of spellings with me.( For books you can buy made easy booklet,norman lewis,barons.)

Let’s talk about general studies part now.

General studies :

C’mon, don’t break your head with its syllabus; everything under the sky is syllabus here. Most of us either leave this portion for GOD or give our minimum best. But if fukushima can be tackled why not this portion? Let’s see this in points:

  • Read read read, please read all previous papers of GAT for GS.
  • Now you can ensure that it is life science, polity and geography, that hits the larger portion in paper.
  • I read madeeasy notes/booklet for life science and it really helped me. You can also read 12th ncert biology for this portion.
  • For polity you just focus on more frequents areas like important articles/parliament/type of bodies/budget part/funds/ordinance, age/emergency/Gandhian philosophy/panchayati raj and some more. See this list may look lengthy but you just need an outline of all this not in depth study. Make notes for this portion form either M Laxmikanth/made easy booklet or google them. It will hardly take more than four pages if you write them precisely and to the point.
  • History: History portion is lengthy, so read very selectively. From ancient history read harappan civil., sites name, budhdhism/Jainism, ashoka,  Chandragupta, harsh vardhan, samudragupta, name of famous writers and their books , foreign travellers and their time of travel.

For medieval read very less topics like some important rulers like balban and rajiya, allaudin khalzi,mohammad bin tughlaq,then Mughals,and marahta rulers. Read only very important features and if you find it boring , just skip this.

From modern history you need to read little more as it is the maximum scoring portion. Read 1909/1919/1935 acts and their speciality, main GG/VICEROYS,gandhiji’s 3 movements, main congress sessions, mountbetton plan, cabinet mission and some like important topics from where you get questions in recent papers.

Read from made easy booklets (I am not any madeeasy agent, I am suggesting these booklets because I have read them and they are really good for IES.) and I will not suggest any core book for history because of the lengthy syllabus, yes you can read NCERT always.

  • Geography: read G C LEONG and read it with atlas, oxford student atlas is good. Remember important straits, UNESCO sites, oil/gas pipelines, cyclones, and Indian north eastern region specially. Vegetation, forest, dance forms, endangered species etc.
  • Science and technology: Google everything for this portion. Mostly about seeds/crops/artificial rain process/global warming/genetic engineering/radioactivity/DNA related topics and some recent trend in this field.
  • policies: Google for MNREGA,RTI,RTE,NJAC and recent new plans by MODI government like make in India, swachch bharat, OCI/PIO merger etc. again I will suggest just read outlines , don’t don’t don’t go into depth else you will disappear in this 😉




  • Stick maps of physical India, political India, and do same for world map also. Select a place that is very dear to you like mirror, bed, door etc. it will help you a lot.
  • Stick pages of spellings you have learned and now you feel a need to revise daily,so , see them and refresh your memory in seconds.
  • Stick timeline of events of history in your room.
  • And yes, write with pencil your Goal and over-write it daily, make it bold by pencil daily before you sleep and after you get up.


I feel I have typed so much, I don’t like writing obvious things as I presume you all must be knowing all tit bits, keep on filling your brain with information, but don’t forget to organise this information well.

I scored ONLY 120 marks in this paper that was very poor!! Yes , because I always overlooked GS portion as I thought of myself an  expert in general studies, but “bhagwan sab dekhte hain”, I realized it very soon that I have a long way to go. See, you need to give your left-out/extra time to this portion daily, or read it when you don’t feel like reading technical part. But do read this portion. It is a fear and fear is illusion we know. You will enjoy reading this part as soon as you befriend it.

Scoring in this portion matters!!!!

Why?? ….Because rank matters….Because service matters….. Because  life matters.

PS: put your queries in comment section and yes,let me know whether it is really helping you all or I am just writing scrap.

IES Preparation : Conventional part


I have been asked for guidance for conventional answer writing and preparation from IES 2015 aspirants, In this post I am just trying to throw some light on answer writing, length of answers, diagrams etc. for conventional answers for IES examination.

I had some plus points like fast speed, good hand writing and good sketching, so this might have been added up in my marks, but I am making it very clear that it has nothing to do with quality of stuff you are expected to write. You are supposed to be very short and to the point in your answers, artistic representation is just another thing, if you have it then use your talent, if you don’t have then please don’t lose your heart. UPSC is very big platform where only quality matters and have believe in this fact.

I want to write it in some small points:-

  • Its November now, so it is right time to pick your pen and befriend it for writing.
  • Take a glance at previous year papers and have an overlook of these.
  • Now pick the questions from any one subject, one that you have revised just last night and start to write answers freely.
  • This is like warming you up. Read the answer as if not you but your friend has written it and find all small and big errors in it. Rate your answer and fix the deficiencies in it.
  • Don’t be superstitious about colour of ink, black or white, any pen will fetch you good marks provided you write it nicely.
  • Use pen or pencil to draw diagrams but to be frank I used only pen throughout, because you don’t get a single extra second to do this changing-pen-thing and to an extent it is not important also.
  • Practising previous year papers and attending test series is a must. If you don’t get time to attend the test series in test centre or if you are a working person then try to get test papers and practise them on your own as it is very important.
  • Speed matters!! So please write answers daily, especially at afternoon as your brain will get trained to help you write without obstructing your flow of words if you will do this daily at same time.
  • Insert diagrams in your answers. This makes answer smart but don’t do it just to fill the space. See whether your question carries 10 marks or 20 marks and accordingly decide for words and diagram. Daily practice is important because this will speed up your estimating power for marks v/s space decision.
  • Don’t forget to draw a finishing/closing line between two answers, it helps the chequer in his work and works in your favour there by.
  • While you write something, make it technical and correctly written in English as much as possible. Look at this point like this–: if you are reading someone’s answer, you don’t like grammar/spelling mistakes and decide on your own that the writer is poor in English. So be clever and don’t let the examiner know this. Skip things you are not comfortable with, but highlight the facts you are strong on.
  • See, smartness you cannot buy from shop, but study material you can buy. So buy that material and apply your smartness in it, this is what is important to be an officer.

Now for E&T fellows I am adding some extra important points:—

  • As far as possible start from network, EMT and control system. These three are very scoring and we all love to practise them, conventional part for these contains mostly numerical and some proofs so it won’t take much time.
  • Communication contains analog, digital, satellite, optical, microwave and antenna, and also this whole section is of about 100 odd marks, so very important one. Analog and digital are like binary subjects, regular questions we all can do but those present with extraordinary noise are meant to be left undone, so don’t break your head. Satellite has repeated questions so solve only those and google for some 3-4 odd topics in it. For microwave liao+ kulkarni will do as it contains almost all concepts. For basics of antenna read that chapter in M.N.O. Sadiku and then jump to K D Prasad, this much is enough, read only that portion which is important from exam point of view, no need to be an expert, you can pursue Tech  after becoming IES Officer also ,so postpone this idea for now. Optical contains some 2 or 3 questions at most so important from Rank point of view but if you cannot get your hand on it easily, you can skip it.
  • Advisable point: don’t skip anything.
  • CSO, microprocessor, programming language part needs little logic and more copy paste/mugging. So read one or two topics daily from this entire portion till exams and this will remove last minute burden for these subjects.
  • EDC and analog circuits are subjects with depth and logic, filled with technical aspects and approach, so step out of your cleverness/dormant state now and study them, read books for them and read them single-mindedly, practice them on paper and draw all diagrams labelling them well, this portion is deciding part of conventional paper marks and you need to grab it completely.

Now some AAM-AADMI tips (out of our control) :-

  • Use your brain, don’t directly jump to conclusion and think over every question.
  • Read question paper, it’s very vital to read it fully before you start writing answers.
  • Be clever at times but don’t be over smart, you never know the mood of person handling your answer sheet.
  • Don’t take supplementary just to impress invigilator/girls, it is harmful.
  • Believe in yourself, baarish/garmi/thand/bhookh/pyaas, these all are small hurdles, don’t make them big, time won’t be same always.
  • This year is meant to put an end to all that misery, make it your best year ever.
  • Motivation/demotivation is silly feeling that brain use to play with you, hit back it badly, brain will get trained as you will train it.
  • You get the brain you earn, not the brain you have at birth.

I tried to make it complete. Please rely on your own wisdom and schedule, don’t blindly follow anyone just because he/she is topper, pick their special/different qualities and imbibe them on yours. This is called enrichment, this is called progress, this is called evolution.

All the best.

Can I remind you this!! Your powerful young age!! Yes yours!!


Doing and not doing, both come with some price, difference lies in the end result of both processes, so it is better to opt for doing. I want to address all youths presuming following points:-

  • Our age group is 20-25.
  • We are honest, deserving and single-minded.
  • We are aiming for highest possibility in our lives and are sure to reach it.

I was trying to find out one logical and appropriate reason for not going to heights we deserve to be at and I got only one  : –

There is no such reason.

So one thing is very clear that we are hardwired to be great, we are super race on earth covered under soft skin and we are smartest and wisest of all varieties living on earth. Fellas, I think this much is enough to feel up for doing our best from today onwards. I was reading a book “mastery” and it spoke that if we raise our standards high we itself ascend higher and higher, if we set goals that seem difficult, we create a possibility to have them realized.

Living on earth demands you to be active or you will fell prey of someone smarter than you. So make a plan now and start working on it. Every moment you waste is equal to every genius you miss.

Dream for it, your dream girl is waiting there, die to get there.

Young age is like a vast ocean given to an expert swimmer, he can go deeper, can found and discover what world has never seen before; we as young generation are bundles of infinite possibilities. Our mind is like a fertile land on which our efforts are like rain and seed, and we all know that this can create enormous wealth, for us this all is like reaching to pinnacles of our destinies. Always attach a feel with your dream and you will find yourself living in that.

You are what you dream; a life minus dreams is no life. Our dream is our craft; it shows to world what a great artisan we are.

Why this young age is so important to us is because at this point of our lives we have the tendency to spread our wings and aspirations for flying like falcon, as you grow old, you try to be stable and gain expertise at one field only. But at this young age, every minute you will feel like doing something adventurous, like taking more risks and expanding yourself to widest of spectrum possible. Young age comes with bliss of no ends and borders; this is the only time in your life when you feel most alive. So design a life that you wish to live from now, from this very moment.

Life at other side of bridge is fanciful, luxurious, magnanimous and colossal; life wants a stride to reach on that side of bridge. But bridge is broken and is a hotbed of death and risks, your youth asks you to take risk and responsibility to walk on it, now ask to yourself  :-

  • Are you ready to be in that elite group?
  • Can you take this risk with no guarantee of surviving till that end is reached?
  • Are you sure of not looking back and not regretting for the steps you have taken?

And if the answer for these questions is yes, congratulations, you are the next in line to shine and succeed; you deserve to be in that elite group. Your young age is bliss, it’s a blank cheque handed over to you by almighty god. Your age is the expectation of your family, need of your country, hope of your elder ones and yes off-course craft of yours.

This time will never come back, this energy you will never feel again and this spirit you will never get to live twice.

Take out the best in you and start your journey for a best version of yours. You are your own master, go for the mastery, your brain is the wonderful gift given to you by the process of evolution of mankind. This stamina you cannot afford to waste, you need to instil in you the fuel of passion and set yourself in motion for a journey towards mastery, let the generation see what your youth can do, what you can create of yourself, what is hidden in the DNA of yours. Come out of your blinding beliefs and boundaries and spread over the world. You will be adored and loved.